Its possible put together 3 infos in one button or something like that?

Hi again…

To understand better, i will put images =D

See here “my project”


Have 3 buttons side by side

This buttons receive 3 different info´s from airtable and after this we can see this:

Here is the problem…
When you use the app and click, only one button show the “effect click” its possible this 3 buttons show the same effect at the same time?

I like to put border radius to give this shape from the button

Its possible only if are 1 button…

What i need to do to get this idea i want?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I do not see a good solution. Temporary options are:

  1. Do it with a single button.
  2. Cover it with a semitransparent button on top

You mean the whole 3 buttons make a single button collectively?
If yes, then this is the best solution for u… -

@actech, how can we do this?


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Create a button cover with absolute positioning at 100% of the size of the container in which these 3 buttons lie.

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I understand perfectly your idea, but i don’t have idea how to do this…
Show me in images please.

Try it

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The solution is put the cover button with 100% of Width or Height and put position “absolute” (in advanced setting -> positioning)
This way make this button inside others.

Thanks so much actech! This way is the best solution now =)