[Solved] Create button with multipe info inside

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to build a button like the one you see below, all the three elements ( number, status, and colored dot ) vary according to 3 different pieces of data coming from a database.
Screenshot 2020-06-12 at 17.14.56
Until now, to obtain the desired result( here below), i used the standard design components that Thunkable provides and I did it by putting 3 buttons close to each other.
I was wondering, if it is possible to avoid this workaround and create a singel button with these 3 info inside ( prehaps using a canvas)
Screenshot 2020-06-12 at 17.15.02

I’m open for any suggestion

Thank you so much!

Hey @wikilinks.infooleua0,

You can’t style a button like this, however you can use containers (column/row) to style this, then place a button over the entire container by setting it to absolute positioning.

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thanks! I’ll try it !

I did something like this but i didn’t use absolute positioning. since the button element will be cloned according to data coming from the DB Do you think that this will be a problem?

Thanks again !

Shouldn’t be a problem. You’ll have to work out a system with the cloned containers to make sure all data is displayed correctly, and that the buttons do the intended action.

I did it !

It works! Thank you so much !

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Awesome. Be sure to share your app when you’re done in #SuccessfullyTHUNKd :slight_smile:

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For sure!

Actually I’ve submitted another one and I’m waiting for its approval, I ll’share it too

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