Clone button lack funtionality? Question to Eddie

Hi Eddie, Thanks alot - Yes - to some extent that works quite well.
There are two things a am wondering about further…

Align top - Both Screen, Column and Rows - To which my buttons are added - Does not align to top. Big space between the rows…but it should not. Any idea around that.

I i have created 25 Squares through clone…and now i am afraid i have a lack of functionality - Because i want to set ONE of these (random) with a specific background color. Can i do that wehn i have cloned the buttons? …
tricky right (i can probably set each button text to a specific number and identify that… But i am after something more correct/easy way
Any ideas

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You might want to notify Eddie so that he sees this post.

You can access buttons (or other components) using the Any Component blocks within a list. The list of buttons will be sequential based on – don’t quote me here but I think this is right – the order in which they are added to the Screen. Just know that this list includes buttons you’ve placed manually in the Design tab. So you’ll have to do a little testing to see which buttons to include/not include in your own list.

Look at the Change Any Label section of the first post here for an example of this.

Your blocks will look something like this:

Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 9.22.08 AM

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I am guessing here but I think this has to do with some anomalies surrounding scroll. Without seeing it, there is no way anyone can offer advice on this. Even after 12 months working every day with Thunkable, I am still finding myself using the ‘trial and error’ method do debug such screen issues as you are describing. The Advanced Position tab is often the key but also setting the scrolled container in the correct hierarchy.

I have used several different methods in the past. You can set an unused attribute of the cloned button to an identifier.


Then simply call the button with that identifier in a loop using the Any components blocks.
I have found that using text in boolean attributes has not cause issues so far but with Thunkable nothing is set in stone.

You could place this in the “When any Button Click” component. I haven’t shown that because you may want to trigger the event on When any input change or some other event.

Happy Thunking.