Any Component, use any button to change any column properties

I have made a widget as such, it is a column. When I click a button which is absolutely positioned over the whole column, it acts like a clickable widget. Do you get me?

This works great. But I am unsure how to get any component to make sure it changes the properties of the specific widget when clicked. I am making a hidden column in the widget appear when button is clicked.

If working properly, I can load data from list, and when I click on the widget, it shows the column beneath it that was initially hidden, and then I am presented with extra information.

Would really appreciate some help with any component, on this problem!


Can you share a screenshot of the blocks you’re using at the moment please?


I don’t have a photo of the blocks as I removed them. But it was just the clone block, and I tried to set text of button as item 1 etc and then the background picture of the column to be changed to item 1 also. But I couldn’t find a way to match them and set it appropriately.

Please better explain what you are trying to do.

If you wanna d something like what I made, I used a ‘trick’ suggested by aectech and mark, of naming the cloned component’s background color.

You can set the bgd color to be a string and address that when addressing the component you are looking for

Please explain more, or do you have an example to show me? Thanks


I tried exactly what you did when you say you set the background colour to some sort of text, but I could not find a way to get this to work, as the any component block requires the item name to set properties, and not the item background text.

Yeah, it’s unfeortunately pretty complicate, for example the only way I found is to use the (for example) “all labels in column x” block that give you a list of all the labels, than you do for each element of that list che if the background color is "the name you want to give to the component and in that case you do what you want to do.

Hope I was clear.

I could make it work but it was pretty much a pain and a lot of thinking how to make it work.

It probably makes a lot slower since it goes trough all the labels or buttons etc before understanding on which one it has to do what it has to do, in fact I am ditching this solution until, as @Mark said, they will add the possibility to directly address the name of an any component

Hmm okay. I will scrap the idea I had for that then. I was thinking though, I am yet to test this out, but maybe I could set the button height to the same pixel height as the column, and then have the column below it as fill container, and the button would expand or compress the height of the widgets column. I just did a horrible way of explaining what I mean, but it would mean that I only have to deal with the component button in question :slight_smile:

Thunkable before has been annoying with sizing and items fitting content, but I think if I do this right I could use it to my advantage.