"all button in column" (any component) error or what

i made this code but it doesn’t work.
font size, height or whatever.
i remember other blocks work fine in any component.

Did i put some wrong block or something? please help

Can you post a link so we can fix for you and explain exactly what it is you are trying to achieve

oh i just made this and delete it.

if i set the font size of button respectively, then they work so fine.
but if there are many buttons (or labels) in a column (or row),
then i might want to set whole buttons in a column at once.

so i think this situation above is either my mistake or bug.

Maybe this is what you are trying to achieve

before click
after click

On screen start - changes all the font to whatever you set it at

screenstart_change text

haha yes. like i said i can make it if i set font size seperately.

but actually, i made some font resizing feature in my project.

So i wanted set whole components in A COLUMN at once using “any component” block.

If you provide a link to the project, it will be easier to understand the problem.

okay @actech @towball https://x.thunkable.com/copy/3b51d27ce43276b2076ea6684a33a327

I just want to change all buttons in a column using ‘any component block’
in my real project, there are so many buttons and labels in each column

That block gives a list as a result, so it’s not gonna work like that.

You can work it around using the block “for every item in list X do this”

Hope it helps




Thanx!! @actech @maxb @towball

i guessed i had to take it as a list, but i din’t know the grammar exactly.
rly appreciate that!

Glad to help, even though you didn’t give me the solution :frowning:

here’s a cookie :upside_down_face:

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haha just thought actech’s block can help others intuitively

but i changed! don’t be sad!

It’s my first solution ^^
it’s ok if you give it to aetech

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you can mark this as solution so we will all be happy :smiley: