'any component'-- 'set all button disabled in a screen' not working

Hi I am trying to build a simple quiz app and want to disable all buttons as soon as an option is clicked by the user, I want to do this by using set block in AnyComponent. Please help with what is wrong with the code, Q1 is the screen name

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You can’t use a list to set properties. It makes sense that you want to use the All Button block to set button properties but this is not possible.

Instead, you have to loop through the buttons in the All Button list. For starters, try just setting a button property by getting list item #1 from the All Button list/block and if that works, then see if you can get the loop to work.

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The first step looks like this:

And the second like this:


Thank you so much ! didnt realise it is to be used as a list. the above code is working well as per the requirement. Thanks again !

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