Translating all text on page

trying to translate everything on one screen, how can I do so? I tried this but it didnt work

The “all button” block returns a list of all of the button IDs on the screen. It doesn’t loop at all. You’re using it in a way that makes sense logically to our brains like “go through all of the buttons on the screen and do _____”. But that’s not how coding in Thunkable works. To do that, you have to loop through all of the buttons. So you’ll need a “for each item” loop block.

The other problem is that a button’s text can only store one value at a time. So if you do loop through and translate everything, the button’s text is only going to show the last value in the loop.

What you’re trying to do is more complicated than just a few blocks. It will probably take you about 20-30 blocks and will take some time for you to figure out how to do this if you’re new to Thunkable and/or new to programming.

You can see an example in the Any Component documentation here:

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Okay thank you, this is helpful, im also trying to change all of the font size on the screen, so the blocks and such and i’m wondering if your logic also applies to what im trying to do here?

For some reason this isnt working but when i Just put set button frontsize x, it works fine.

Yes, you need to use a loop. See the link I posted above for one example of this.

worked perfectly, you’re a saint thank you

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