How many buttons can be created with Alert button list?


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I tried to create more then 3 button with alert button list, but it only create 3!

In docs it says “Alert with three or more buttons” but…

I am trying this way:

How can i create more buttons?

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I recently made a working alert with 6 buttons, each with its own action.

Hi @jared

Thank you for your answer.

I am trying in Android…is that a reason?

Can you share an example of your alert for me to test it?

Thank you very much.

Remix SandboxApp

In the side navigator, check out screen “animation doesn’t glitch”

Click the button that says button

giphy (20)

@jared thank you, but something is not right.

The diference is that you pre define the buttons. I did that also but the max buttons i see is three. I pre defined 5 buttons!

I am using thunkable live to test the app on android.

Here is an example:
What is wrong?!

Thank you.

@jared one more thing. When i click button the alert has only three buttons: one on the left side and two on the right side.

Perhaps this is a difference in capability between iOS and Android. on my iPhone, i am able to see all of your button choices.

Thank you for answer.
I’m sure that is the problem.

To solve this, you can make your own alert menu.

in the sandbox app, go to the screen, Animated column/row.

make your own alert box with custom buttons.

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