How to make a spinner in Alert? 🤔

I just came to know about button list in alert component. :thinking:
How should I set up a list as :

  • Day1 - Session1
  • Day1 - Session2
  • Day1 - Session3
  • Day1 - Session4
  • Day1 - Session5
  • Day1 - Session6
  • Day1 - Session7
  • Day1 - Session8

Thanks in advance! :smile:

Hi @kartik_old,

This isn’t really a spinner-like component, it just shows three different buttons on the screen:

You set it up by typing in the button text you want and then click “Add”


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Hello there, @domhnallohanlon
Thanks for your Reply…
I added my 8 buttons, but the alert is showing only 3 in a column-like structure… means button1 at first, button2 at the middle, button3 at the bottommost.
other buttons are not showing…

yep, this is the intended behaviour. :smile:

Oh… :sweat_smile:

So 8 buttons not possible?
What can I do?

If you want more than three options then you’ll probably have to use the ListViewer component - perhaps you can put it on its own screen to make it more prominent.


I bet they will add Extended Alert very soon. Ha-ha.
Cause the current alert just able to add Button.


You could design your own alert? @actech helped me with making something invisible on absolute positioning using percentages and making it 0. You could design your own alert. Of course this isn’t a real alert but hey it would work.


Hi, @eoinparkinson!
@actech also shared his project with me… it’s incredible.

yeah I think so…

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Sure if it doesn’t work, drop a reply here

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You guys inspired me to create this guy. This sets a variable which controls dynamic content seen on most pages of the app.


A pop up column with 10 “buttons” to choose from.

If you keep providing these great ideas, I’ll keep making examples to share! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork


This is amazing - the opening animation looks great, thanks Jared!