[Solved] Alert button list

Hi there,
I should straightforward to tell it.
The alert has button list. I have three button
First button : for share
Second button : for navigate
Third button : for open browser

but how ?

I have tried if buttonpressed = Share ( something like that

no work :pensive:

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to make it?
or command the buttons to do their tasks?

how to make it with the block.

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No. :sweat_smile: I also tried with that only. Later, when I was expirementing with the blocks,
I thought like :
First button = button1. and wrote code as -

Thanks! :wink:


but I’m wondering is use number
BTW,it’s work

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My pleasure! :smile:

What is the max lenth of the button list for android. I can not get mor that 3 to work…

Hi, @funhall! :wave:

The showButtonList has a limit of max. 3 buttons. Refer to this topic by me for additional info. -

Thanks! :blush:

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Check this out. This “popup dialog” is really an absolute positioned column (zindex=1, top offset=120) with a list viewer. After the list viewer item is clicked this prompts a dialog to either set the child as ‘active’ meaning all content is relevant to that child. Or. It allows for modifying the name. Click modify and another popup shows with a text box and save button.