Items in list, one by one

How to add items to a list using textbox one by one?


Hello @stronazyskuup,
To make sure I am following, is your workflow as follows?

  1. Someone types into a textbox.
  2. Text is submitted somehow (enter, button, etc.).
  3. Input text is added to the list.

If this is correct, are you just using a list viewer and wanting the new text to show up at the bottom of the list in the viewer?

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I agree with @bnice , can we get some more context? I see a few potential workflows here, I’ll leave some solutions to both in case I guessed right:

1) The user enters a long string that you would then like to segment into a list?

a) One suggestion here would be to format the input parameters, for the sake of the example I’ll use emails: since emails can not have spaces, you could just have the user put as many emails as they (or you) want, then upon unfocus-ing you can use the block that has something like make list from text <textbox/inputbox> with delimeter " " and store that in a variable

b) Another suggestion following the email example would be to have a function that gets a substring from the space to:
i. The last space if the entries are more than 1
ii. Or the most recent space to the left (e.g get last item in the list, find its occurence in the text, then go to position item’s length +1 or +2 (I cant remember how spaces work off the top of my head)

2) You have multiple labels or input and would like to store their values in a list?
In this scenario, my suggestion would be to save them in a specific column/row then use an any component function; Something like for each item j in list all label in <column name>, get label j's text then add that text to a list (your preference of last, first, random…).

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