It would be interesting if everyone in this community was not treated as a great programmer. Because in the bottom great part is here to learn and to share knowledge

Well, deep down, what I’m here to do is an outburst.
When people look for the forum, it is because they usually know and help other people or just look for ways to evolve because they do not know how to do a certain thing.
Whenever I come here to ask for help I make a point of presenting later the blocks of how things are done, because I intend that other people who may have the same difficulty can see how it was done.
The problem is that they often give extensions tips, but no one bother to tell us how to use them, as if we’re all the best programmers in the world.
The only thing I asked for was that they would help me add two or more whole numbers to my choice within one textbox, and then give me the result inside another.
As I have done many other times to help other people, I would like you to present me information in blocks. Because I think that’s the idea of ​​help in the community.
Sincerely of me I will not ask for any help in this community again. Because I always end up having to be alone.

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