Issues using ShareImage block [May 2022]

Hi Thunkers,

When I try to share an Image using the ShareImage block to save a photo in Facebook, the post comes empty. For Whatsapp, Instagram or Google Drive (just to mention some tests I did) it’s shows a generic message error. The only thing that works is save locally.

Captura de tela de 2022-05-19 23-15-37

Any idea about what’s happening? The documentation is very poor for this component…


Paulo Vaz

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Can you share a picture that you take in-app? @paulovaz72

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As far as I know the share image will work with images uploaded to the project as assets.

Actually I use it to save anything in the asset to WhatsApp. If you load a HTML file as asset then you can see the contents of it, one way to see what’s in it is to use the share image. It will not work with share message.

Although it is suppose to share an image but I use it to extract the HTML in the project.

Yes, in this case the image is an HTML link. So will not work… There is a way to acquire the image as temporary asset just to make it shareable dynamically?

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Try the file picker. I did not try it myself but worth checking.

Thanks, but this will not work.

The image is already in the screen and came from Firebase, so don’t make sense select it from a local file.


Since the shareimage block allows to refer any image (local or remote), the component must to work not only for APP assets. Looks like a serious issue for me.

Hi @jared

No, I didn’t tested with a picture take in-app.

Because for this case the image comes from a link recovered from Firebase, and I want the user to share with other apps (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc)

The interesting is the shareimage block allows to save the image locally, but fails when you try to send the image to other apps.

Can we categorize this as a bug?
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It’s not a bug. This would be a feature request to share images by url. The share block relies on a local file path to send a file (as its intended at this time).

I’ll update the docs

*** Share may have some issues. I can’t seem to have it pass along a file that choose in the dropdown picker. Anyone else seeing the same. I CAN send any file that I choose by using filePicker OR image LIbrary.

I just filed a ticket



This situation looks like the case of using App Variables inside loops (which it allows, but doesn’t work): since Thunkable allows it, it should work or not allow the use in these cases.

So I believe it’s a design/implementation error, but it would help a lot if it was in the online documentation that the block shouldn’t be used for images coming from an HTML link. That way you would avoid wasting time trying to get it working, debugging, searching and asking here.

Anyway, I’m happy you find other issue and also will update the Docs.

And I will insert this as feature request here :slight_smile:

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