Issues using local HTML - web viewer does not post/receive messages or load html

Congrats. Now that I know, I can use you when I cannot get any of them. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Hi everyone! Appreciate your earnest attempts to get in touch with us. We’re on it!


Is it fixed @cassandra and @domhnallohanlon

Hi @worldfromyeyer, thanks for following up with us. We’ve discussed this with our engineers and they are looking into it - let me discuss internally to get a sense of what the timeline looks like.

Thanks for your patience!


Ok, still waiting @cassandra @domhnallohanlon

Any updates

Well, one workaround I’ve got is:

Placing the all the js external scripts into 1 html file

So where you’d normally have something like this in your header.

<script src=“”></script>

Instead manually visit that src url endpoint and copy/paste the text to within your script tag.

<script>copy/paste text here</script>

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I have typed html in web viewer and it does not contain any script tags :grinning:

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Related to this issue - Local html file Thunkable Web Viewer Extensions

Hi! I was experimenting with HTML in my app, and I found an error - when I added my functional html file (which receives some data from webview extension, processes it and sends it back to me the same way it came) to my app’s assets and set my webviewer’s url to the file’s name, it didn’t do anything in my android live app (latest version).
image :arrow_right: image

However it seems to work in image option on Thunkable and in an installed apk on android. I haven’t tested on iOS live/installed app, as I do not have an iOS device. Is there anyone else who faces this error too?

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This is an old issue that has never been resolved despite numerous promises.

@jared is aware of the issue