Issue with "when Screen Starts" event since Jan 12, 2021

Thanks. I did this on all screens where I found issues. It’s always running through from beginning to end and speaks to me as it should, the issues remain. So, for example, the speech blocks are executed but the screen remains blank where blocks should have been cloned and made visible.

A few more questions:

  • I’m not seeing the blocks where List_Viewer_NE is cloned. Can you share those blocks?
  • Aside from cloning, if you make List_viewer_NE visible, are you able to see the initial prompt text or is it blank as well?
  • Is app variable initial_prompt reused on mulitple screens or within other functions besides the open event? If there are event timing issues, mulitple processes could be causing issues.

On this screen, I am not cloning anything.

It’s visible the entire time and blank.

It’s only used on this one screen. Until yesterday, it has been working perfectly :slight_smile:

I just tested on my old iPhone 6s, iOS 12.4 and everything appears normal there. None of the issues are happening for me when testing on this device.
On my Samsung Galaxy S10, Android 10, the issues are there.

!!Edit: Same issues in iPhone 6s now.

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Great detail, thanks!

If you replace app variable initial_prompt with a string block in the open event, does it appear? I know Wei mentioned some app variable changes recently.

No, that doesn’t change anything. List viewer still not appearing on the screen.

Edit: Same issues in iPhone 6s now.

Its not just the list viewer its everything that connected to the when open screen block.

This is happening in ios and android - live test and downloaded versions.

please fix it asap.
Its not something we can work with or ignore like the long lasting status bar issue.

It is critical for people who need to release versions…


Definitely sounds like the open event is not occurring.

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Hey @oreeldadln - if you change it from “open” to “starts” does that make a difference?

Sounds like it. I’ll start looking into this so and see if I can reproduce any of these issue.

@83c4d26aa4d240 @antje.smilesyft @oreeldadln @Deluxe if you have any MWEs that isolate and demonstrate just this behaviour, please share them with me.


“When starts” is working, but it doesn’t help me because i need some specific code to run everytime the screen opens and not only when it starts.
is there any way to surpuse it with blocks and do something so my code will run in this situation untill you will release a fix?

i have a problem with Data_Viewer on ios
when i open the Data_Viewer screen its loading normal and
when i click the Data_Viewer items its navigate me to the next screen and loading the items normal
but when i swipe the screen to back to Data_Viewer screen on ios the Data_Viewer not showing the items

anyone have this problem too ???

Something like this ?

yes exactly

and some times when i run the app its not showing the Data_Viewer items

@bader_mouti and in your app are you using a when screen opens block as well?

yes i did

Ok, thanks @bader_mouti - seems like it’s probably the same thing so merging your topic with this one.

I’m going to narrow the scope of this topic now to just issues with screen opens or screen starts blocks.

If anyone has any other issues, please create a new topic.

@bader_mouti just flagging my request to the others again too:

:pray: please fix it as soon as you can

@oreeldadln, right now I’m working to identify the source of the problem and reliably reproduce it.

Once done, we can look at a fix.

Again, if you have any sample projects or materials that can help with this then I would appreciate your assistance.


Problems since yesterday. After reading this post, I changed from “When screen starts” to “When screen open” and everything went back to working. Thanks.

Thank you @caminostudio - that helped!

Was just able to replicate the described behaviour with this info, much obliged. I’ve updated the topic title accordingly.

@83c4d26aa4d240 @antje.smilesyft @oreeldadln @Deluxe @bader_mouti

Many of you have mentioned you were having issues with the screen opens block, can you clarify/provide screenshots of if this is the opens or the starts event?


I can send you a project where you can see some of this behavior in private if you need