Issue with screen and fields

I would like to know how to keep the screen formatting with fields. When I select the first field, it’s ok but when the field lost the focus, the formatting change. All the screen go up…
I give you a video because I’m french and I’m not sure to be understandable… (2.1 MB)

Can you share screen shots of your screen layout in design mode, before the field is selected, and after the field is selected?

Hello, I sent a video in a Zip. If a do screenshot you can see in the first one I select the first field and when I click on the screen to deselect the field and unfocus it, the second screenshot is here.

Can you show pitcures of the code blocks?

Do you have and code in the Changes block or Click block for the input boxes?


I don’t see the issue with the focus events, but I am not experienced with that event or the dismiss keyboard block.

But I do see 2 possible contributing problems:

There is currently a bug with the open event occuring twice. Since you have the charge function called in both the start and open events, the function will be called 3 times. Because that function calls mulitple firebase DB Get blocks, there will be mulitple asynchronous calls to firebase. My experience has been that mulitple calls with the Get block will generate unexpected behaviors and crashes. To fix the asynchronous issue see this thread. Wrapping Asynchronous (then do) blocks into a Synchronous Function resolves unpredictable results

After fixing that issue, see if the screen is still having problems. OR remove all of the database calls and see if the screen still has the problem.

I apologize for not having a simple solution. :frowning:

Thanks +++ for the advice. I’m not really fixed with the start and open command, and I thought that the first time the screen is open the start command is called and the second and others opening, the open command is called. Why will the CHARGE command will be called three times ?
I will change as you have proposed and I will give you a feedback.
Thank you tor the time you spent for me ! :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

The first time the screen opens,
Start Event -> Charge
Open Event ->Charge
Open Event (BUG!) -> Charge

The second time the screen opens
Open Event ->Charge

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