[Solved] Button Click event with Screen Translator, causes the screen to disappear

Hi as the title states, when I press a button the whole screen disappears for some reason and i cant figure out why

This is a very common problem. Some common issues:

  1. Referencing uninitilized variables (very common with stored variables when cache has been cleared)
  2. Referring to object properties which do not exist
  3. Referencing list items that are missing or have not been initilized
  4. Drawing Map elements (polygons, lines, and markers) where the latitude or longitude are string variables (even if the contents are numeric) or Title/Descriptiosn which are numeric.
  5. Referencing cloud variables / Firebase when authentication has expired

It will be easier to give more specific advice if you can you share a screen shots of the blocks in the button click event.


I would try debugging it like this

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I did exactly what you did there and the screen still disappears

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I think you have to share your project link.

If you remove ALL of the blocks from the THEN DO section, does the app still crash?

No it doesn’t crash

Sorry yes it does

Sharing the project makes it a LOT easier to debug, thanks!

I think the problem is with the target language property you use. If I set the TargetLanguage of the Translator to an unknown language (SMURF), the app crashes and the screen goes blank.


But if I switch it to a known language (BOSNIAN) it works.


The languages you listed are in Title case (Vietnamese), but the Translate block requires all UPPER case. If you change the capitalization to upper case when you sent the language, it works

I hope this helps and Happy Thunking!

NOTE: I modified the title a little to include the translator block


thank you very much!!!