My project is not woking, it crashes

In my project, I’m trying to recreate a translator, after I select the form and to language the project crashes

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The image of the codes is too small to read and when enlarged, the details are distorted.

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Try on phone

You can debug this by changing a label value and adding wait blocks right after to see when/where the project fails.

I explain how to do that here:

Did you mean for both of these to be “fromLanguages”?

Here is the link to the project Thunkable

I believe the problem is that you have a lot of duplicate blocks where you’re getting the from language twice or the to language twice when you mean to be alternating. I’m pretty sure the Translator1 setting here should be TargetLanguage:

Another problem is that your local db column is called “toLanguage” but you are referring to it as “toLanguages” which is different: