Thunkable Live app crashing

What’s happening,I can’t preview my project from the thunkable Live app
I see this error whenever I try to test my app

That usually means you have chosen blocks that crash your project. I use this method to find the cause:

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Thanks for always being there

The function will have to be on every screen right?

Well, Thunkable loads one screen at a time. So if it’s crashing, start with the screen that is crashing. But yes, functions have to be defined on each screen. Thunkable does not have global functions.

I try it just now ,still crashing and still can’t detect the error

Do you see “start” on the screen when it opens? And does it go to the Home screen? On the Home screen, you would need another Debugger message with “home” or something like that. Does that show up?

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Yes it shows start,I did same thing on the home screen,but it didn’t navigate to the home screen from the splash screen which is the first screen

Can you post a link to your project?

Unfortunately, you used the same message for both screens:

You also need to do deeper debugging. When I need to find where a crash occurs, I use many Debugger blocks. In this case, the project crashes after “BBB” and before “CCC”:

This is also a possible concern because you are getting a column and then instead of calling the LoadContentX function from the “then do” section so it happens after the GetColumn, you stacked the blocks which means LoadContentX will fire before GetColumn finishes.

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Though I’ve not been able to work adjust things from the blocks, still busy with stuff,will the crashing stop once I apply to correction?