Issue with function not returning a statement


Hi, I’m having an issue where in the if/do statement “if ButtonSelection1’s disabled…” it doesn’t return the list to appear in the label’s text. But in the if/do statement above it, “if Button Selection 2’s disabled…” it returns the list as I wanted it to.

i.e. I click ButtonSelection1 then ButtonNext2, it’ll return the list of texts that I’ve previously inputted. But if I click ButtonSelection2 then ButtonNext2, it’ll return as “undefined”.

Can you share a link to the project? I’m guessing you’ve initialized/set the value of Narration2 Selection2 to something other than a list elsewhere in your project. Or else there isn’t a list item at narration index for that list. But it’s hard to tell without seeing the full context.

Does this work?

Yes but I’m pretty confused. In that project, the buttons you mention are hidden and/or disabled. Can you send me a link that has everything set up the way you intend it?

Hopefully this makes more sense, I organized it and made some changes but its still similar to my current issue where if I click Button Selection 2, it doesn’t return the list “Narration2 Selection2”.

I realized where my mistake was and everything’s working as I’d like it to. Thank you for offering help!

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