Issue downloading file within Web View

@Mark I’m a PRO user on the X platform, which, I gather, does not allow extensions. My entire app runs in the webviewer, where my users can upload files, etc. My latest challenge is file downloads. Clicking the download link keeps crashing the app. My markup looks like this:

<a href="https://path-to-file" target="_blank" download="File Name">Download</a>

Please help.

@laudtetteh Is this crash happening within your Live companion app or in a downloaded app? Also, is it happening on iOS or Android?

@Mark Thanks for getting back to me! This is happening in a downloaded app, and it’s Android.

Sorry for having more questions, @laudtetteh. How are you specifying the HTML for your Web Viewer? Is it via an uploaded file that is included with your app or is it via an external URL that accesses a server that you control? Also, does it succeed or fail when it’s run on your live companion app?


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@Mark Thanks again for the prompt response! I did not upload html into Thunkable. It’s an external URL on a shared server, over which I have limited control. Downloading files works fine on desktop browsers, though. Also, I never did get the Live Companion to work on my Android phone.

Ok. Good to know.

What was the behavior that you saw? What model of phone did you try it on and what version of Android does it run? It would be a shame if you couldn’t live test :frowning: . It makes things much easier.

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@Mark Ok, I finally got the Live Companion working. Here are some screenshots of what I’m dealing with.

Still wondering.

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@Mark Android 7.0 Nougat on LG G5.

@Mark How’s it going? Any word?

Olá estou com essa mesma duvida, algum de vocês tiveram algum resultado?

there is a solution for this because the same thing happens to me

Can you explain how you’re trying to download a file from the web viewer?

of course, in my case it is a form that generates a PDF and downloads it

Okay and the form is a website someone else made, a website you made, a script, …?

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I have created, the website
this is the site

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You button is just a “submit” button in a form. Are you generating PDF from the server side?

Hello muneer, the pdf generates perfectly being on the web but when I use the web view the application stops
I do not understand your question, that if the pdf generates on the server side :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :thinking:

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Do you need web viewer or you can do it with open link?

If it works from the browser then it will work when you use open link.

if from an open link it works perfectly, but I would like to use the web view
because I would like to bring some data from the web form

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