Is Thunkable failing?

I don’t think our platform will be fine any way.

Is thunkable failing and we need to move to an another platfrom @Thunkable_Staff ?

If this is for webapp, try bubble, it may be a better option. I don’t use it myself but I understand it handles certain things better.

There’s also AppGyver, free and cloud based. You can create apps with it but it doesn’t have anywhere near the same features as Thunkable, it does have firebase though.

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You lost your mind probabally. No one wants a company to fail though.

If google failed, what would you do (and other SE’s also failed)?

What you all should keep in mind is that most apps don’t need seo.

They need a website (landing page, “About us” page, contact page, how to use the app pages, faqs, etc) and that website needs good seo and performance scores.

Once you have that:

You then link to or from within your website

No SEO needed. Exclude that page where your thunkable app lives from search. It will only decrease your score.

Seo and performance scores should primarily be related to everything about your apps website except the app itself.

Not that you shouldn’t be concerned with performance, but I wouldn’t rely on lighthouse or any score from google says RE my score.

The highest I’ve ever got with a bubble app was 80% overal

Webflow gets me in the 92-100% score.

Make your webpage in carrd, webflow, dorik, Wordpress, etc.

Make your app in Thunkable.

Marry the two via an iframe

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You said your website won’t matter but it did now.

the question is “is thunkable will not exist in future?” not “what platform should I use if thunkable didn’t exist” as you guys think.

that’s kind of a loaded question, but the short is: The future of thunkable as an organization cannot be predicted by a lighthouse score. Run that on any app builder. You’ll see similar performance scores.

Single page webapps often have poor lighthouse performance scores because the audit you’re running is intended for html/css/js websites. The audit isn’t intended for webapps.


Thanks for the reply.