Is there any problem that apk file is not created properly?

Recently, there is a symptom that the apk file creation is not performed properly.

The apk file is created, but it is not installed because it is not parsed to install.
At this time, the icon of the apk file is not created properly.

The apk file is created and installed, but the app does not work properly.
In particular, the part where the error occurs in the app is related to the DB.

There is a problem with local DB and local storage.
The speed of reading data from DB is significantly reduced.
Also, the timing of reading may be slow.
In addition, the screen may go down.

This happens the same for all files that worked fine before.
The problem is even bigger with recently worked files.

Are there more people suffering from these symptoms?

Any chance you can give a screen shot of whats happening? Is this when downloading the APK from Thunkable or on the device itself?

I can download apk from thunkable.
This apk file is not installed when installed on a mobile phone.

Apps created about a month ago can be downloaded and installed on mobile phones.
However, it does not work properly.

The app crashes when reading files from the DB.
Or, if a file stored in DB is requested, if it is not loaded immediately, it is loaded from the second.

Triple check your blocks and if youre still having issues post a screenshot of your DB blocks so we can see if there is a fatal error occurring.