Is there any possibility of 3d animations on thunkble

hi, Actually I was thinking of an app which can have 3d animations in it, So… I need help. Firstly is there any possibility to make such app

Hey @v.krishna

Do you mean like a game with 3D animations? A CAD app for displaying 3D models??

Can you give us some examples of what you’re trying to build please?


Why not? Using the webviewer and JavaScript you can accomplish anything!!

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hi, actually I am using a website called tinker cad for making 3d models and I have some of the 3d models with me. So. I don’t know how to add it to the canvas of thunkable. Then, I just decided to use the model viewer HTML tag to display the 3d model in it and it worked. So, it’s purpose is just to display the model not to animate with it. Then I tried the p5.js library, but I don’t know how to use it for 3d objects, I just know fro 2d objects. So, I need your help. If anybody knows anything about 3d animation, please tell and I am just a beginner. do you any other library or script like the p5.js. If yes, please and this is based on harry potter and I have some 3d objects which are useful.


hi, did anybody tried to create the website which I was trying to do? If yes, please tell me how you did it

Hi, anyone familiar with the three.js?

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