Is there any FAST way to add many markers to the map component?


does anybody have an example or idea how I can quickly (or almost instantly) add up to 200-250 markers to the map? Source is either a json file from the web or I could also use an air table. Right now all methods I tried (e.g. count with, or for each item in list…) take really long even on the fastest iPhone… So it might be even much worse on slower devices and that unfortunately makes the usability pretty bad compared to similar apps, that show up markers almost instantly.



I know two ways to display 200 markers instantly: draw the map and markers on it and upload it as an image, or try working with the map directly via WebViewer and JavaScript. In all other cases, you can only speed up loading if you use variables from function parameters.

You can also try to perform prefetching of data. Display markers while the splash screen is displayed on an invisible Map, and then after adding all the markers, make the Map visible.

Yes, you are right. On my Android 9, it takes about 12 seconds to output just 100 markers!

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