Issue with Uploading Map Markers

I created an app that uploads map markers from Airtable. If you try to zoom out of the map as the markers are being loaded, every time a new marker is uploaded, the map snaps back to your current location. How can I prevent this from happening while the markers are loading?

Well first of all I’ve noticed that too, with a text input, button clicked or drawer navigator. I would suggest having the map invisible with a loader until the markers have loaded.

Thank you @jaythemanchs for your advice!

I did try a loader. However, I am trying to upload many map markers, and so the loader would be going for minutes on end. I was thinking that the markers could load as the user looked at and interacted with the map. Maybe the markers closest to the user’s location could load first? Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this and fix the problem above?