Map & Markers Strange Behavior

Hi Thunkers!

I have some questions on Maps and Markers (after lots of tests):

  1. The map Markers are LOST when you navigate to the previous screen and returns to the map screen again. Is this the desirable behavior of the map component? IMHO is not! Otherwise, why have the “delete all marks” block? Because the markers are lost, I need to load all markers when the map screen is opened. My need is to set the markers a single time to avoid this processing again and again.

  2. When the you set a new marker in the map, I don’t know why the Map changes the position to the mark added automatically. Is this the desirable behavior of this block? When you are creating multiple marks the map starts jumping to the new marks, creating an annoying flick effect when the marks are far each other.

  3. After the “on map ready” happens and you change the latitude / longitude values, the map jumps to the new position, but you need to put a wait block to “stabilize” the map in the new location. Anyway the map will jump to the old position (very ugly visual effect) when you add a new marker. But after a few marks added, the map looks to “understand” the new position and stops to do these jumps. How to avoid this behavior?

Below the real screen with the behavior I described above:


And if I try hide the map, I got an exception error, because as far I understood you need to have the map visible to manipulate it.

  1. What is the CallOutPress event? When happens? There are no documentation about this!
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