Is there an issue about One UI 3.0 for Galaxy?

Hi. i just uploaded an app and there were some people saying isnt working on their phone.

it turned out they’re using One UI 3.0 which is Galaxy’s android UI made by Samsung.
they can launch, but can’t proceed after loading screen.
i heard there are more apps not working on that UI too.
i don’t know why and how specifically though

Hey @saramdl.gaunde021,

I don’t have a Samsung device, so hopefully someone on the community can help us out here (@Beta_Testers perhaps?)

To get the ball rolling with this - can you share the link to your app so we can test it for you?


Androids are tricky, I have problems with them too. My experience is that Samsung works better, I have problems with some other devices, like Xiaomi. Some of my users cannot connect to BLE devices from the app, and there are even glitches in the UI.

you guys can download my app in appstore & playstore here :