Is there a Thunkable discord server?

Is there a Thunkable discord server? Because i think it would be easier to communicate and ask.

Hey @avaxarxapaxa - thanks for the feedback!

We have discussed the idea of setting up a Discord in the past, and @Deluxe suggested a Slack channel earlier in the week.

However, at the moment Thunkers can communicate with us though

  1. Email
  2. Chat
  3. Community
  4. Facebook Pages
  5. Facebook messenger
  6. Twitter
  7. YouTube comments
  8. Instagram
  9. Messenger Pigeon*

I know that there are a lot more users on Discord than Slack, but I’d really be interested to know what it provides that our current offerings don’t? Ideally we would update what we have now, but if there’s a compelling reason to add an extra platform then I wouldn’t rule it out.

*Please don’t send Pigeons

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The best :smile:


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