Is screen flashing normal for Android Date Input and Time Input?

I am using both Date Input and Time Input on my project. When I activate either of these on an Android device, the device screen flashes white on and off. This does not occur with my app on an iOS device. Am I doing something wrong that creates this screen flashing?

Could you share your project link with me either through messages or here if you feel comfortable?
Thank you

Hello Brian,
Here is a link to that project:

On the Waypoint Screen there is a Time Input to the right of the “Use Open Time?” label. When I activate it my screen will flash. On the Create New Screen there is a Date Input to the right of “Enter date of event”. Same thing - the screen will flash on my two Android devices when I activate this Date Input.
I will appreciate any suggestions.

An interesting observation about this flashing screen: If I first activate the Date Input on the Create New screen, the screen does not flash. If I then go to the Waypoint screen and activate the Time Input the screen will flash. If I then go back to the Create New screen and activate the Date Input, the screen will now flash.

I could not reproduce your screen flash issue.
Could you reset your device and see if the flashes still occur?

I restarted both of my Android devices and the flashing still occurs. Try this: go to the Waypoints screen, if the Use Open Time switch is off, swipe it to on/true. That will cause a label to appear to the right of the switch. Touch that label. That will make the Time Input appear. Touch the Time Input. The screen will flash white every second as long as the Android Time Input window is displayed.

I have a short (5 second) MP4 video that shows the flashing screen. Is there any way to get that MP4 file to you?

You can put it into google drive and share the link to me. Thank you.

I’ve attempted this on my android device, but it does not flash for me. What device are you using?


Here is a link to the MP4 video of the flashing screen. This is occuring on both of my Android devices. They are a Motorola One 5G phone running Android 11 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 WiFi only tablet running Android 12.


Could you share a public link to the video file?
Thank you

I think this will work.

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Video is still processing, but I will take a look as soon as it finishes.

@rehoboth75 We were able to confirm that there are screen flashes when testing on certain devices. For the link to your project that you have provided earlier, there are 9 errors in the blocks tab of the screen Waypoints. Could you provide a copy that does not have block errors and still have the screen flashing? It will help a lot if you could.
Thank you

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