Screen blinks for every transition

Hello, It is my first time using Thuinkable and I found it very helpful as an IT student with no coding skills. But I just wonder why when I use the app I built on my android, it’s blinking every transition.

If the same happens to me, I don’t know what it could be, I hope someone answers and can help us.

Any way you can post a short video of what you are experiencing? You can capture your phone’s screen in video.

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it won’t let me upload the mp4 video :pensive:

You can upload it to Google Drive or Dropbox (or any other service) and share the link from there.

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As you can see in the video, you will notice how the screen is updated
updated screen

Is it on every transition or rather when the app starts? For example, does it flash when you move from the first tab in the navigator to the second tab?

no, that happens when you start a screen, not when you switch screens

Then this is most probably the same issue we have been waiting for more than 5 months to be fixed. It is no news. Check here: Screen Opens twice on Downloaded iOS App - #18 by zanderjordankent4

Ok thanks, I’ll keep asking if I’m lucky and I’ll share it with you