Any "create DateInput" and "create TimeInput" blocks do not work

When using any “create DateInput” or “create TimeInput” blocks, nothing appears on the Android screen.

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These components are the latest components,not excluded these components having the bug.

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Hi @actech,

Great to have you on the cutting edge of Thunkable as always. Can you explain what you mean? Are you talking about doing something like this?


It seems to be working for us, so if you could share your blocks and a quick video of what is happening, that would be really helpful. Also, if this is in the Thunkable Live app, could you confirm that you have the most updated version?



Hi @Arun,

Yes, in the morning these blocks did not work, but now I checked and now these blocks are working.


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Awesome. Glad to hear. Definitely let us know if you run into any other issues!