Is it possible to set an alerts message to a list viewer format?


Would is be possible if you could set an alert’s message to be a list viewer style format. I have a list which I would like the message to show, however, when I set the alert’s message to the list variable, each list item is separated by a comma like so:


Preferably, I would like each list item to be on its own line, like a list viewer. It is not possible to set an alert’s message to be the text items of a list viewer. Therefore, would there be a suitable workaround for this? Any help would be much appreciated.


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You need to convert the list to text using the block make text from list. You might see it in the drawer as make list from text replacing the default comma with a newline.

Once this is done, you can show it in the alert block each in a separate line.

Sample code



Thank you very much @muneer , it works perfectly. I appreciate the help as always!

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