Is it possible posting xml api in thunkable?

hi. i need using api but this one only supports xml.
so i need write BODY as xml format like using “<” and “>”.
(and the good news is i don’t need to parsing the result. becuz it gives me a file if i succeed)
but my experience so far, im failing if i just write like < something > in text field.
is there something i miss? or its not possible in thunkable?

looking forward your answer about this issue. thanx

Either try to find a JSON version of the feed or use an intermediate online service which converts XML to JSON. There ae a couple of good ones you will find if you Google it.


Try using the join blocks

Hmmm… How would that help? The source is XML so it would be a nightmare to try to parse it using blocks, if that is what you suggest… Curious to read if you have found an easy way to do it.

i’m curious too. how so?

does not exist

i’m already using one of them for another API but i can’t imagine that can help this situation too.

Perhaps I misunderstood your post. Is the service CONSUMING or SUPPLYING XML?

I thought this meant the service was consuming XML as the body parameter. That would look something like:

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Now that you mention it, I am confused as well :thinking: Not sure what @saramdl.gaunde021 means after all… Hmmm

oh i tried whole code in one block, i changed it as join blocks now.
and no. it is not consuming at all. i just didnt know whether its woking if i write xml code in thunkable (sorry i dont have much knowledge about web api and xml)

actually i’m trying to get mp3 file using another tts api. but so far, im experiencing failure.

so another question, if result body gives mp3 file. then do i need to just put sound block and response of API? (sorry i have api document but it said in korean)

First, you must determine what is being returned in the response. Use the blocks below to display the error block, the status block, and the response block.

Once you know your request was successful, you can see what blocks you may need to play the sound. For instance, if the call is successful (usually Status 200, or some other 2xx value), then try setting the sound source to the value.


hi. it gives me 200 but test live app just shuted down.
only when i put response block to sound source and play sound

perhaps thunkable api can’t take mp3 file for rest api?
you don’t think so right?

cuz i succeed in bubble, which is another no-code tool