Web API - body raw - json

I have to perform a web API call like in postman with body raw parameters: whitch block parameter I can use?
I already tried all blocks in the picture but nothing.
Many thanks


Click this drop down menu. Choose body. Try that and report back

no already done and it doesn’t works. A part that it is not possible to use “create object” block with body but only the string …

Is there anything in these?

in headers just the “Content-Type” … I also added that but nothing. Maybe it is the format or syntax of Body …

the exactly code generated from my Postman is the follow:

… and works fine (in Postman)

can you copy that whole cURL code here?

set your headers in the design screen. setting headers by blocks doesnt work for some reason.

try that, then report back.

I replaced the headers block with the setting in the design screen but nothing … now I have not error back but it doesn’t works.


meraviglioso! not getting an error is a good start

che succede ora?

Suppongo che l’italiano sia la tua lingua a causa del sito web

Si l’italiano è la mia lingua :wink:
Ho fatto diversi Rest fino ad oggi, spesso GET, ma questo mi fa impazzire!
Le ho provate tutte!

perhaps you need to supply api-key in headers also?

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can you share the api documentation or URL? I am very interested in using api’s with thunkable currently. Id love to help further

there is not an api-key …

sometimes it would be interesting that a thunkable tech team answer our issues so as not to go too far around problems :wink:

They usually do when the problem is related to a thunkable issue. IF only your API is not working, it is probably an issue with the API construction or the way you are calling it and not a thunkable issue.

I use multiple API’s with no issue. If you are experiencing this issue with other API’s, then it would make sense for Thunkable team members to provide their input. Sometimes, they will help out with non-thunkable issues, but this shouldn’t be expected or waited on.

Can you provide me the url to the postman page for your api?


Awesome. Glad to hear it!! I probably should have mentioned to remove the blocks after adding the header via design screen. :neutral_face:

it works finally … I don’t know why but I remove another time headers block and add the same in design screen and now it’s ok.
Really Incredible!

PS. In any case this is an issue that in my point of view the tech team have to fix.

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Hello Guys,

Sorry for the question but I have an issue calling my API.
In my post everything works fine

--data-raw '{
    "rows": [
            "cells": [
                    "column": "c-BDWqKKrZCW",
                    "value": "test"
                    "column": "c-ChgysoFILL",
                    "value": "2021-06-11T10:10Z"
                    "column": "c-KOFagvIJ6Y",
                    "value": "Ph"
                    "column": "c-sCOtJOOVKu",
                    "value": "6.78"
    "keyColumns": [

But if I just copy/paste the body in my body section of my API it is not ok. I have / each time I have a "
any idea ?
What is the format of the body ? is it a simple (string) ?
I tried several different combinaison but It is not working :frowning:

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Your data looks good as long as I remove --data-raw '

What are you trying to do with it? What blocks have you used (share a screenshot)? What was the result?


As indicated by @tatiang

The qualifier --data-raw is used in cURL and in AJAX codes and will not be translated correctly by the API component in Thunkabe.

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