How to use web api with post + parameters and with form

I need to send a post request with two parameters using application/x-www-form-urlencoded (with form basic). The response is an authorization token. How should I create this web api block? I’m new with thunkable.

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Welcome to Thunkable.

Use the body block of the Web API for the parameters as if you are writing these parameters in the URL in the browser.

There are some examples of this here:

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How should I specify the content-type? Do I use object or a string in headers?
I adjusted as you said, but it keeps returning error. See the image of the current code.

Thanks for the help.

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Please see the link to the topic I posted above. It shows a screenshot with the Content-Type configuration.

It’s going to be really hard to troubleshoot any errors you’re getting without:

  1. Knowing what the exact error message is
  2. Either having a link to the documentation or knowing the API url
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It would be very helpful to know the error so if you do this condition to show what kind of error you are getting.

In your case, you are displaying the header whether there is an error or not.

munner, I still haven’t gotten the expected result. For better understanding, look at this request image by bummerang. The API requests a post using form basic with the two parameters indicated, and the response must be sent with sent request. In this case I need to get the authorization content


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Set another header called Authorization and feed it Basic <ya.accessTokenValueGoesHere>

You should print your error messages to a label. It will be helpful to know what error is occurring when you make the call

I made this quick setup

I got this response

You are using the authorization field. This field should not be used in the post request, as per API documentation. This post gives me this authorization back, but I can’t receive the content of this authorization. How should I code the post so that it receives this authorization by just sending the two parameters and the header with the content-type? I’m not having success

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You need to make a code similar to this

However, you need to check with the documentation of this API to supply the correct parameters in the body block.

You can use my Encrypt / Decrypt demo project to convert the entries to the required coded string for authorization

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munner, thanks for the valuable guidance.

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