Use web post method

I want to use a post method to open a special website.
I use the following code in appinventor.

Hope somebody can help me how I can solve this in thunkable
kindly regards

Hi, see scrWebAPI in

Thanks for your answer.
I have tried the following:

But I will not get any response.
Also I want to ask if it is possible to parse a xml response or only json.
kindly regards again

See contents in all light green blocks - error, status, responce.

Thanks for your answer.
I will get the following results:
When I use response and error I will get the following Message:
NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.
When I use status I will get the following Message:
Hope somebody can still help me.
kindly regards

NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.

Now you understand that an error occurs. What to do? You need to use the online service to create POST requests and first use it to get the result. There is no point in using WebApi if you can’t get data even in the browser.

I think that the problem is that you are trying to log in incorrectly, which is why the service does not give you access. Proper authorization is quite a complex process and you can spend several days unsuccessfully if you do not understand what it is. Once on the forum, I gave instructions about how to log in to some service for working with images. It required encoding the password in base64 format.

Thanks for the answer.
How can I use the site Where can I insert there my post values?
My login works fine with appinventor.
Also I tried to use it without any post values. When I open my url I will get some text with a browser but I don’t get it with the web_api in thunkable.
kindly regards

See examples and help for this service. Here is a forum on Thunkable X.

Thanks a lot for your answer.
I have done the following test:
Also I tried different url where I can see something in the browser.
I will get always the same errors in thunkable.

Must I register the web api or what can be the reason?
kindly regards again

You did not specify the site to go to and want to get an answer, We are programmers, not wizards and telepaths who can read minds at a distance. I think you understood the joke and didn’t take offense at it )).

In the last image, I see the URL. Need access to this site?

Thanks for your answer.
I used the URL for a test so I think I can use it to get a response.
At I will get the following response:


Therefore I tried it. Is this URL not possible for a test?
kindly regards

Is this URL not possible for a test?

I’m sorry, but I didn’t understand your question

Thanks again for your answer.
When I use the URL at repbin I will get an response:

How can I test this url in thunkable?
Sorry but I don’t understand it and I am new with thunkable.
In appinventor everythink is fine

Why didn’t you like the link to the screen with my example of sending a POST request? Do you need an example with a password?

Check it

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Thanks for your answer.
General I don’t understand how I can use a post with thunkable.

I have tried your testlink from your last post and create a api key.
When I insert there my api key I will get the following message:

NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.

kindly regards

What device are you testing my example on?

I test it with the live test with a windows 10 computer in firefox browser - or is this not possible?
kindly regards

Let me ask you one question: are you going to create apps for Web or for Android and iOS? If it’s for Android and iOS, then why are you testing your apps for Web? If I want to learn to play the electric guitar, I’m not going to learn to play the synthesizer. But you are doing so. I think that you understand my joke and are not offended by it)).

Simply put, test your apps on your iPhone or Android devices. You can also test applications on the Bluestakes emulator.

If you want to develop web applications, then it is better to look for a more suitable platform.

The API Key must be encoded in Base64 format. This is what I forgot to write, for which I apologize to you.


Thanks again for your answer and your patience with me.
I have tested it now with my android smartphone and everything works fine. Thanks.

I have one more question.
The result is an xml. How can I parse also an xml response. I could find in objects only json.
Kindly regars again

I’m afraid that you will have to do the xml parsing yourself, or you will need to find a sersis that you can send xml to and that will return JSON.

If you give part of the xml, I can look at its encoding in JSON on my tool