Is it posible to make a negative number red and a positive number green in some vof my labels

Need info and help on making negative number red and positive number green this is how i do have this in my blocks

You’ll need to use an if/else block and check to see if the number is >0, <0, or 0 and then set the label’s text color to red or green. If you get a stuck, post a screenshot of the blocks you’ve tried for that.

I have treid this two, but it only show the green. the - (negative) must be red and (positve) must be green

The app variable numberValue block is already a variable. You don’t need to put an app variable block in front of it. That causes a problem because then Thunkable is looking for a variable with the name of the variable’s value. So if app variable numberValue is 6, for example, then you’re telling Thunkable to get the variable called “6”. Remove this block:

This is wrong in a number of ways so I would use the same method as above (without the extra block):

Thank you

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