I need help with my check box

I’m trying to make it so when my check box is filled in it add’s 100 to another number and when i disable the check box it takes those 100 away.

Hi and welcome to Thunkable. Please click the link for How to Ask Great Questions below. We’ll need more details including screenshots of your blocks.

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Sure here is a picture of my blocks but it is not the best as i am new

The green newValue block will have a value of true or false. So you need to see if newValue = true or newValue = false. You’ll find the true and false blocks in the Logic drawer. Don’t use the Visable or Disabled property blocks for this.

As tatiang said … use the “value” block instead of visible or disable… exactly the way you did it .

you “don’t need” to use logic blocks.

I did that but i don’t know if i did something wrong beacause it still don’t work

Hi @tagewiberg10mi you have to replace your true and false blocks with the green newValue (thsi block returns true or false depending on the checked state of the checkbox) block and instead of using two if statements you can use a if else statement.

Ive shared the wrong code, my appologies.

Button’s 4 text returns a string so adding a number to it won’t work, using a number variable and placing your blocks like this should work.


Thx and the first code worked