Check Box Set Value from Google Sheets

I have a form that the user can fill out with some check boxes to tick. The form then sends the data to a google sheets database to store for the user, which works.

The user can then use a data viewer list to select the form to then re-fill out the form to review and edit, which this works to a certain degree. The check boxes don’t tick if FALSE, which is what i want but the programme stopes running and doesnt continue populating down the form if the cell is blank in sheets.

Has anyone come across this before?

The Get Value block returns a text string. But “true” and the green logic [true] block are not the same thing. You’ll need to use a Test block or an if/else block to see if the data source value is “true” or “false”.

Thanks for the quick reply, I have added an if statement in but it still isnt working.

I have had the text option if blank as “” due to it sending nothing to the cell if unticked.

See snippet below.

You will need to add some debugging blocks. I would start by displaying a different word in a label based on the value of the get value block to make sure it’s returning what you think it should (such as “”). So you might display “yes” or “no” for example.

What happens when you do that?

I had to changed from if statement to test statement and then for some reason the “” doesn’t return anything and must have some sort of value assigned. I have wrote a script in sheets to if cell is blank then insert X upon sheet edit for the row that was edited. I then changed “” to “X”, which is working now.

Updated block below

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