[Solved] Working with Slider value

Hi there, I’m new to Thunkable. I didn’t know where to put my problem so I put it here. My problem is the following: I put a code in (image attached) there you can see that my code is pretty logical but as you can see on my phone it has other names cause it doesn’t recognise the names. so I can’t go to another page. Does someone know how to fix it? Keep it as simple as possible, please ;).ThunkableProblem1

I fixed it, I had the wrong code. basicly thunkable saw my value as text so I canged my code so thunkable would check a label and compare it to another text if that makes sence. I’ll show you, look at the picture below.

As you can see, I first said that the value needed to be shown in a label so after I just needed to compare the value of the label with the text (number in my case).

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@jens12341234, glad to hear this is working for you. This would also be an ideal place to use a variable.

That way you wouldn’t have to worry about labels appearing and disappearing in your app!