Is anybody else seeing this multi line list viewer?

Is this just a beta Feature rn?

My lists support multi text but there’s no additional options in the design or block screen that I notice.


Yes, ListViewer now support \n


Whoa! :astonished:

I didn’t see that coming… :smile:

Thanks Staff!

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Hi @jared.
Can you please let me know how to test this?
Thank you.

I cannot see this. I created a list with entries containing “\n”, but the List_Viewer did not show a line break. Taking one element as an example and view it with a label it shows a line break, as expected.

Maybe this new feature isn’t deployed on all servers?

See the screen shots. This is all I did. It’s potential this is not available on worldwide servers yet?


See the screenshots

@jared This is clear on the Web preview but not functional on the Live App…
Thank you!
UPDATE :slight_smile:
I have updated the app and it is ok! Thank you!

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Now it works (for me).

On my Android device I had to update the Thunkable Live App manually. The new version is from yesterday.



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Newline does not create a newline. Instead it cuts off the rest of text. This also goes for \n


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It worked for a short period of time only. just before the release of the beta data viewer.

I still prefer the custom list viewer currently to the preboxed. I enjoy placing the components where I want them but for an out of the box solution, the data viewer is great and covers a lot of use cases!


Seems kind of strange why they’d nerf it when the new data viewer came out :thinking:

I would have still considered it a valuable feature since you can’t append to the new data viewer list manually.

It is what it is the workaround is just another screen to display the data :slight_smile:

I don’t think that was intentional @eoinparkinson

Can you open a ticket on GitHub?



Oh. I’ll do that right away.

Thanks guys.