IOS Publishing Still An Issue

Looking at all of the issues with publishing for IOS has anyone been able to figure out how to get their app published, and what was causing it not to work. I currently have a request to “Jimmy on intercom” since I have gone through the steps multiple times (including fixing the transparent icon) to no avail. It doesn’t help to not receive any kind of e-mail when something goes wrong with publishing as you’re left in the dark as to what the problem is.


Same Issue, I cant get the app to show up on iTunes Connect Test Flight section.

If you find out more let me know plz!

This is my form that I created for the same issue.

Hi , I am struggling to get published on IOS app store. Getting told one of more errors when I submit for review, highlights Build section and says must use XCODE or Application loader for submission.

Can’t seem to get past it, any suggestions welcomed

Pete (newbie BTW)

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Thanks for reaching out @Pete_Marsh.

Can you paste the full error message that you get here please?

Also, are you following along with our publishing guide?

OK made progress and its submitted, waiting email reply to see if OK. Had not seen this tutorial and was working though on best guess from various docs/help.

Thx, will let you know how I get on. App name is LymEx, its a information source for patients who have Lymphodema (Fluid build in limbs, often associated with Cancer surgery and removal of lymph nodes)

OK its on app store under testflight.
Given has clinical implications, running it through a test programme with some external people from NHS.

Let you know when public, but you can see it on thunkable as LymEx


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I seem to be getting APP description data from another app when I launch testflight. Where is this desc configured, I assume App store Connect, but cant find it. Refers to another app I had started to develop.

Hi Pete, apologies for the delayed response. Did you get this sorted?

You should be able to change your app description in your app settings.

Just click on you app name in the top left corner of the screen and the settings will open up.

HI, I have published a app on IOS app store. App name is LymEx, a app for patients with Lymphedema (which I have).
I am now going though some updates in a bid to get approved as a NHS App (UK health Service) on NHS list of approved apps. Some changes were needed on User interface for contrast requirements, which I have adopted in a new version.

However when I go to Apple App store its does not appear as a “UPDATE” and I have to delete the app and reinstall as a new app.

How do I prepare the app (new release) and make it a “Update” rather than the delete & Add process.


When you made all the changes and updates to your app, did you make a copy and continue working on the original or did you make a copy and work on the copy.

I worked on the original and updated version

I’m assuming that “version” here means you are only working on one project. Did you increase the version number?

Original and made changes to that, was only in colour schemes etc and no business logic changes
used same app password

Yes the version number increased automatically

Got it. Thanks for the update.

Hmmm…do you know when the app was originally published? Did you make any updates to it, or was this the first update you pushed?

Published May 2019, then updated (or so I thought) July 14th

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App connect did review process etc and OK’ed it for sale

but as a new app an not as an update to your original app, right?

No it was update, had it been a new app would have failed as a duplicate app.

Just published a new version (19)
Urgent bug fix for large tablets

Will let you know how it goes