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definitely an issue! I mean, if Apple says “get lost” to semiprofessional apps, not built with xcode, then I’d rather make an app via xcode. One could complain about this approach by Apple, but I mean they will just do it anyway.

I fully trust in the capable @thunkable team and will wait patiently for their statement on this. An alternative, that comes to my mind is thunkable X being [android] + [cloud based Progressive Web App] :thinking:

Thunkable apps are 100% compatible with the App Store. We have been working closely with Apple to ensure your apps will not be banned if they follow the App Store guidelines. Many apps made on Thunkable have already been successfully published. Good luck - hope this eases your concerns.


Also, Apple revised their guidelines that the article @FamousMrThomas posted referred to.
Follow up article on that:

Hi Amrita,

Can we have a list of these apps or can we have a successfully THUNK’d section for those apps built for Ios as without this, we are all just guessing at what is a good example of a Thunkable Ios App made with Thunkable Ios?


It’s by no means comprehensive, but the “Top 17 of 2017” contains some iOS examples:

This is a great idea! I’m open to suggestions on how this might fit into the existing #SuccessfullyTHUNKd categories.

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@FamousMrThomas Thanks for your suggestion - there’s now a category specifically for iOS apps in #SuccessfullyTHUNKd

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Is the Thunkable Android Classic editor only for Android devices? Or can it be used for Apple devices too? The iOS editor is more limited compared to the Android editor.

Thunkable Android Classic editor only for Android devices.

There is a Procedure button in the Android editor that “calls” a function. What is the equivalent button in the cross platform editor?

Procedure button - what is this?

In Thunkable X there are such blocks


i want get ipa ios, can teach me

Hi @Pasaran_Bolaku, welcome to the Thunkable Community! :wave:

while it’s not possible to download an ipa file to your computer, we have a full set of instructions in or documentation on how to download and install your Thunkable project to any iOS device here.

Hope that helps!


Hope this update will be soon

It has been available for a long time