iOS for Thunkable

I have send 3 mails but didn’t get any response

Please wait. It may take time until you become tester. Also, by spamming Thunkable, you gonna be added after a few weeks.

Hey -

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we’re working through a few bugs, so @albert will add the next set of people as soon as those bugs are fixed in the next few days.

Sended the request for Beta.

is iOS version will be able to run the same extension working on android !!.. especially sensors extension??

Hello. Want to use this iOS thunkable reaaaally bad. I’m glad and thankful that thunkable community works so hard.

Can I make my request to became beta user?

Hi @Leli

Thank you for showing your interest for “Thunkable IOS”. Yes please register from below link: Amrita will be adding team in slots: You shall get the access as soon as possible:

Hi, I already signed up as well

One little suggestion: It would be nice to centralize all Google forms cause I signed up for 3 o 4 different Google forms with the same purpose --> Become an iOS Beta Tester

Looking forward to start building with you guys!


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Hi! I’m very happy for the new fantastic Thunkable IOS!

Hope to have Bluetooth 2.0 and BLE function, thanks!

Refueling ~

You are the best~

I am Cliff from Taiwan

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The category says #Iwantandroid. Is this a mistake?

Hi! Is iOS for Thunkable affected by Apple 4.2.6 policy update?

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For those of you wondering, what @freespirit01 mean, here you go:


Has anyone experienced submitting their app in Appstore already? Is your submission accepted? Thanks in advance!

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I want to rename all component to new name for my work . How To do It . Pls tell me. Thank

+1 on app store submission success.

Also, has anyone ever implemented a simple NFC scanning feature using Thunkable for iOS?


I come from the dark side (the android section of the forum :smiley: ) and would like to join this vivid discussion.

But I have a crucial question at first: Which iphone do I need to run the app “thunkable live” from the appstore?
I bought an iphone 4, but it cannot update to iOS 8, so there was no way to install it: “iOS 8 requested for installation”. Then I borrowed an iphone 4s and updated it easily to iOS 8.4.1 (12H321) . Now the installation of thunkable live started out of the box but after showing red beaver on white screen, the display jumps back to the apple homescreen. I can select the app again, which seems to run in the background, but the same jumping appears, when I click on it. Any suggestions? Do you need more information?

I want thunkable for iOS 8.4.1 (12H321) !!! :wink:

EDIT: On this iphone 4s just popped up a notification, if it should update to iOS 9.3.5. Can someone give me a hint, if this can solve my problem?

EDIT: I did the upgrade and now it seems fine using iphone 4s for simulation :slight_smile:


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awsome platform , i’m developer but i my work is writing document and design structure of system , but when i see this flatform i think we don’t need to know code any more(just kidding ) , but when i want to add my own function in my Thunkable project , i don’t know how to add it , plz let me know how to add my own function in my project

Does this mean Thunkable apps can not be listed on the app store now, (even if it custom looking)?

I just answered my own question…

Does this mean Apple changed their minds? Did anyone successfully publish an with thunkable ios to the store since?

I’ve been off work while my partner had our baby (she is healthy and called Grace). I’m hoping she can be an Ios thunker when she grows up :slight_smile:

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This is an important question.

I have an idea, though:

I would suggest that Thunakable would make an app themseleves using Thunkable X (=iOS) and release it to the App Store to test the claim of compliance if another case cannot be found.