IOS app publish problem

Dear All, I encountered an problem when I attempted publish my app. The message displayed is as follows:

I have turned off the two-factor authentication. Please help me to overcome this problem if you know how to solve it. Thank you very much.

Hello indrum,

That was caused by the new privacy policy from Apple. Please log in to (or using the same apple credentials. After login, please accept/continue any Privacy information displayed. After making sure that you accepting the new privacy policy from Apple (you can log out and log in again to make sure it’s not popping up again), then do publish again. Thanks for reporting and help us to improve!

Keep thunking,

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Hi Indrum,

did you succeed in publishing? I have also problems with publishing, I get a error message:


Same message still occurs after 24 h. So no bugfixes for my app users this weekend, I guess :frowning: . Anyway, if anybody on this planet succeeds in publishing an app on thunkable X recently, let me know!

I’ll be back on monday :sunglasses:

Cheers, User81

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Problem still exists for me on monday. Can anybody on this planet tell me, that he or she was able to publish without problems this weekend?

Hi there,

thunkable X publishing process has stopped working till last friday.

Unfortunely it seems, that nobody can fix this error: (see above for error details)


Maybe some day, any member of the community, @thunkable team or @albert will fix the issue. I am off until then :frowning:


Hello User 81,

We’re sorry that your publish process was not smooth. We investigated on the root cause, and found that it was because the version number must be a higher version number than that of the previously approved version which is 10. It failed because it was set to 1.4. I hope after resetting the version number, it would work as expected.

Thanks for choosing Thunkable to build apps!
Keep thunking,

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Ting “Sherlock” C solved the problem :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for your investigation!


Hi! Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Also how do I turn off Two-Factor Authentication for my Developer ID?