IOS App Creation for High School Students

Trying to pilot Thunkable for high school education. We are having some very big problems getting the IOS apps to have any functionality. Specifically the Google Apps functions seem to have problems with missing components. Is there anywhere that you can point me to find tutorials for the cross platform side? Am I just trying to do something that is not viable yet as the program is BETA?



Yes, this is a beta version in which there are bugs, but you can make running applications. The Thunkable X development environment has appeared not so long ago and does not yet have much native functionality. But with the help of Web Viewer and web technologies (html, css, javascript, web api, web frameworks, php, etc.) you can expand the functionality of your applications. First, look at the documentation here.

If you write something with what you have difficulties, then we will try to solve them or offer an alternative solution.