iOS App crashes after latest update

We use the new Thunkable X platform in our coding classes ( . We are using 5th generation iPod Touches (16GB) running iOS 9.3.5 and they worked fine until the last update. App come up with a white screen and then crashes. This was true on all devices and even after reinstalling the app. Sadly I did not test them after the update before class - so we all huddled around my phone.

Suggestion - have an option to be on a ‘production channel’ with less frequent updates or on the ‘development channel’ to get the cutting edge features. We were looking for an option to down grade after discovering the issue and could not find a way.

Thank you for all you do and looking forward to the next update fixing the issue :slight_smile:

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I’m having the same issue! Hopefully an update will resolve it :confused:

I am hving the same issue with 9.3.5 on my iPad. it works fine one day and suddenly next day onwards it just crashes at launch, even with the the sample apps provide - the demo apps. So its not my apps/codes.

Then after much searching, I found another post where it was confirmed the current version Thaunkable Live will not work with IOS 9. So thats it! Need to get a new iPad, for me.

ahhh the app itself in the appstore says ios9 is fine :frowning:

That what the other guys was complaining too… At least that little part should be updated. And because of the same little info, i went all over the place looking for an answer or a solution. Even creating new accounts and restoring my iPad. Because it says will work with 9.3.5 Then the post I found confirms bye bye to IOS 9. This kind of info should have been communicated openly. I dont imagine its that difficult to announce.