IOS Alpha - Testing

Not sure-- I am unable to find IOS Alpha in Selection category. I had it till yesterday!

I am trying to test WEBVIEW with a TextBOX and Button, Placing them in a view with LIVE TEST IOS on Ipad-4 device.

Fist of all - great work by Thunkable Team, now we have more blocks and several options in IOS Platform. GUI looks great for IOS simple and near. Also have option to move components from LeftTray aswell.

Few observation:
→ VIEW selected as Rows
→ Placed a TEXTBOX and a BUTTON (Both appeared fine)
→ when i changed the VIEW-Justification to Center
→ Both Button and textbox is overlapped and cant see the textbox, only able to see the button,
→ if i start adjusting the width of the textbox from Style/General settigns, the textbox is moving outer behind the button.
→ Next i coded the blocks logic to when button pressed - set textbox.text to webview weburl and load/reload the page. Tested it is not-working - just to makesure webview working fine. Manually updated the url in deginer and teseted it is workign fine. However observed other bug, now viewview filled the screen and moved the textbox and search to the top - behind actionbar(timelabel of ipad top center). after webviewr is closed the view-center option is nolonger working, it has to come to center of the screen.

Also when switching between the blocks and screen - Blocks are disappeared.


I changed the category to IOS Alpha.

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