Invalid offer code, 75% off one month of Thunkable

So I just got a mail from thunkable

When I click on claim it says invalid code
Anyone can help

Hi @namitnagar, were you previously on a starter or pro plan? Are you currently on a Pro plan? This offer you found in the email is only available to new users who have not previously been on a starter or pro plan.

I had a pro plan around 2 years ago
Then why did they sended me this?

It was probably just a part of the email sent to all users.

So, I jave two accounts on thunkable one which had a pro subscription and another which never had pro this mail I got on the account which never had pro but its give the same issue. Pls help

That really should have been communicated in the email message. I received one too and it appears to offer everyone 75% off of one month of a Starter or Pro plan. There are no restrictions listed.

Here’s the bottom of the email message:

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@namitnagar @tatiang Our apologies to you both! That banner for the discounted month should not have been a part of the emails that were sent to you. It was only intended for users who had not yet purchased any paid plan.

I’ve made a note of this to our marketing team to make sure it does not happen again.


I had never purchased a subscription of thunkable but still it is saying invalid code

Actually it should

Thanks for explaining!

Hi, I got this email too! Happy belated b’day to Billy Beaver over there :partying_face: Congrats to everyone in the Thunkable team!

@conroy I am planning to renew my thunkable PRO plan membership through this offer, and was wondering till when this promo can be used - would it be possible for you to give an approx. end date for this promo? Thanks!

@kartik14 As mentioned above, the offer unfortunately would only be available for new users upgrading to a pro or starter plan. It is not valid for renewals or previous pro or starter members.

Apologies again for any inconvenience!

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Hi, @conroy! Alright :+1: though when I go with the link in the email, I am able to see a discounted price from $45 to $11.25; I think I’ll just do it this week :slight_smile:

P.S. by renewal I meant I don’t have any active plan since 2-3 months, now starting PRO for a month again